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Fall Break Recap: 2014 Keiki Caucus’ Children and Youth Summit

On Oct. 1, more than 200 youth and child advocates headed to the 19th Annual Children and Youth Summit at the State Capitol to focus on issues important to the well-being of children and youth in Hawaii. The Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii Windward Clubhouse was in attendance.

Panels of experts spoke on subjects relating to the economy, jobs, early learning, homelessness, health, education, civil rights and sustainability. In small group discussions, youth and adult attendees identified legislative priority areas.

One of our members, Katherine Glenn volunteered to present what the environment group came up with. She was a standout presenter, achieving a standing ovation from the crowd!

“Hawaii Children and Youth Summit is where teenagers and adults get together at the State Capitol,” says Glenn. “We talked about current issues that we felt affected Hawaii. Our group got to talk to senators, representatives, and CEO’s of different companies. I had a lot of fun speaking about the environment and what we can do to change the environment for the better.”