ODKF Ocean Sports & Fitness Day

2016 Ocean Sports and Fitness Day Waiver FormODKF Ocean Sports Day


October Youth of the Month!

Every month, each member of the staff recognizes an individual who exemplify any of the good attributes of the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii. Here at the Boys and Girls Club we inspire young people to become responsible citizens. Whether they are being recognized for their good leadership skills, creative prowess, drive, willingness to help, participation, every member is given the opportunity to be a good role model for their peers. And like always, we made an occasion out of it with good food, drinks and movie showing! Check us out!

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Our October Youths of the Month!
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Staff member Julian with volunteer Christina enjoy their pasta salad and meatballs!

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Pumpkin Carving Contest

Every fall, our clubhouse participates in all the fun seasonal shenanigans we want to get into before winter comes. This year, we decided to hold a pumpkin carving contest! We had our members in groups of five, and had them come up with designs. Check out what they came up with!






Kat’s Creation: Frankenstein Pumpkin



Mermaid Pumpkin


September Youth of the Month!

Every month, each member of the staff recognizes an individual who displays a level of excellence above others. This month, we chose Tauloa Seei, Tiare Day, Quinlan Bactad-Paulino, Abbey Dunn and Kaeo Lessary. We made a day out of it with food, drinks and homemade desserts from our leadership team! Alongside this fun-filled event, we also celebrated the birth of our staff member, Ms. Tee and member Alika Lee!IMG_1767

Some of our Leadership team: Jayden, Emily and Mauree.
Happy Birthday Alika!