One of our most beloved programs, GLAM (Girls Loved and Mentored) has a new look and feel to it, thanks to its founder, Mrs. Oahu, Tiare Lando. The program, which usually ran 8 weeks and led by staff member, Ms. Tia, has been refined and condensed into a 4 week period, where young girls are able to learn from not only Ms. Tia, but Tiare and her GLAM squad! Lessons on self-esteem, bullying,  heartache, harships and inner beauty are discussed in-depth by the group.

Just a side note: Tiare and her team are the best! They always come ready to talk, ready to listen, ready to mentor and ready with treats! See below for some snapshots of the class! Thank you GLAM Hawaii for truly making an impact on the lives of our young women!

Visit for more information on Tiare and the GLAM Squad!




Author: BGCH

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